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Purchase Dank Vapes Online. The lineage of Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods is a puzzle. What isn’t a riddle is the sheer intensity of this strain. THC levels can be as much as 26%. This has made it a much sought after strain for those needing to raise their own capacity strains.

It is the parent of the much valued and powerful Sour Diesel just as the celebrated OG Kush. Its name, Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dark woods, is thought to allude to the solid smell of diesel that will clasp your knees from a blameless sniff.Chemdawg has scents and fragrances which have been depicted in this way:








Home grown


Chemdawg maryjane has hardly any symptoms contrasted with tantamount torment drugs like narcotics. Nonetheless, because of its power and high THC levels, a few clients can encounter dry mouth, dry eyes, nervousness, alarm assaults, and distrustfulness.

Developing Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods plants is famously troublesome. Chemdawg is defenseless to shape and mold and should be become under firmly directed and controlled conditions. You may require the accompanying aptitudes:


air quality control

temperature control

moistness control


soil assessment,


bug control,

light alteration, and


Sativa from the territory of Nepal

Thai SativaChemdawg Type:

Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods is thought to have begun from the accompanying strains:

Appearance and Smell

The Chemdawg plants are genuinely tall. They require a lot of care. Its well known fan leaves cover stems with buds which are light green with orange pistils and marks of disgrace, at that point a virtual cover of chilly white icing, the significant THC-rich trichomes. Trichomes additionally contain the terpenes and CBD. These parts are the plant’s assurance against predators. A bug that eats it will get a sensory system loaded with cannabinoids which will discourage, mind-control, or slaughter the predator.

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