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THC: 23-25%

Precious stone Coma is a sativa predominant strain with a 30:70 indica/sativa proportion. Precious stone Coma is a hybrid of Skunk and Cheese and is unbelievably strong. Remembering this, it isn’t for weak willed. The strain is known for giving experienced clients a run for their cash simultaneously. After looking into it further, you will come to understand the buds are tree-formed, lime green in shading and with orange hairs. Concerning the smell, it is an exceptional mix of pine and lemon with messy feelings.

Furthermore, Crystal Coma tastes perfect and fresh with traces of flavor. The flavor will give you all that could possibly be needed motivation to hold returning for additional. Precious stone Coma offers a high not at all like anything you may have encountered previously. It figures out how to convey a potent high that will inspire your mind-set quickly. Besides, you will feel euphoric and upbeat which is ideal for people having a terrible day.

The high can without much of a stretch last you anyplace in the middle of two to five hours. You will feel invigorated and zeroed in at the same time sinking into a condition of fulfillment. That being stated, the strain is known for treating a few ailments including pressure, nervousness and even sadness.


The legacy of this substantial indica is somewhat dubious, however it’s known to be a family member and perhaps a posterity of the unbelievable OG Kush, one of history’s most famous strains. Pink Kush carries on the heritage, conveying a powerful body high that is viable as clinical treatment. The impacts are quieting and seriously euphoric, with joy and an incredible instance of the munchies. It’s an adaptable device for treating tension, melancholy, aggravation, absence of hunger, headaches.

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