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The God Bud strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has resulted through crossing Hawaiian and Purple Skunk strains. With the high THC level that amounts to 17.5-20.1%, this weed is suitable only for experienced stoners. The terpene composition is vast and is dominated by carene and myrcene, producing the sweet and pine taste with a more pungent aroma that also has a light citrus aftertaste. The effects provided by the God Bud marijuana are more calming that start with a happy euphoria with a light stultifying high and end up with completely soothing properties that may help you fall asleep. Alongside THC, this cannabis bud also contains many other cannabinoids that include:

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God Bud Strain Detailed Description

CBD 1.63-1.94%
CBC 0.24-0.82%
CBG 0.08-0.91%
CBN 0.36-0.45%
THCV 0.22-0.98%

Terpene Composition of Weed

The smells and taste of the God Bud strain come from its rich terpene composition. The terpene profile is dominated by carene and myrcene, which create a deliciously sweet taste with distinct notes of grapes and strawberries mixed with hints of earthiness and peppery spices on the exhale. The aroma is more earthy, with distinct floral hints that can be noticed throughout smoking. The sweet and sour lemon undertones create a fresh finish.

There are many other terpenes in this marijuana. Some include:

Pinene (0.15%)
Ocimene (0.04%)
Geraniol (0.06%)
Humulene (0.04%)
Limonene (0.1%)
Terpineol (0.11%)
Terpinolene (0.01%)

Effects of God Bud Strain

With a high THC rate, the God Bud weed strain is highly beloved by moderate and veteran smokers that are ready for its potent high. The weed doesn’t boast overwhelming effects. The God Bud marijuana gives stoners a mellow cerebral high that is motivated and giggling in nature, leaving them in a completely happy state. Being mostly Indica, this cannabis bud makes you feel relaxed and even fall asleep, allowing you to enjoy a calming evening with no stress or racing thoughts. In combination with its high THC level and these soothing properties, this weed is usually prescribed to patients struggling with the following:

Chronic pain
Mood swings

There are some minor side effects that may appear in sensitive smokers, and they include:

Thirst and dry mouth
Dry eyes

Tips for Growers

God Bud produces resin-coated buds that feature fiery orange hairs and rich white crystal trichomes, creating it’s truly a god among buds. The flowering time of this cannabis bud is 49-63 days, while the yield amounting to 15-20 ounces per plant can be harvested in 68 days. Indoor and out, the plant can reach 30-60 inches in height. The weed can be grown easily, and the seeds can be bought on the Internet.

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