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Master Kush is an Indica strain from the Netherlands. Dutch seed company’s originally named it “High Rise”, but as the years went by it formally became the Master Kush we know and love today.

Also known as MK, the strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk landrace strains. Which exact strains are unknown at the moment, but thanks to cloning, most MK plants are very similar to the original grown Amsterdam.

The popularity of the strain exploded in the early ’90s as it took home back to back strain of the year awards at the Cannabis Cup. Now it’s found all over the world but still regarded as a favourite in the U.S.A.


The scent of Master Kush may not be one of a kind, but it’s citrus and earthy aromas are pleasant. Hints of pepper and an intriguing herbal spice fill the rest of the palate. Flavours stay true to the smell, with the pepper being slightly more pronounced. Regardless if you’re a seasoned smoker or novice, the taste is light and inviting.

Master Kush Effects + Benefits

What sets Master Kush apart is its balance. Within minutes of smoking, the strains body-buzz begins to take hold. It’s not a couch locking strain by any means, but very relaxing and sedating. Physical pain and discomfort wash away, leaving the user forgetful that they were ever in pain.

With the relaxation and sedation comes a good night’s sleep. Master Kush alleviates all traces of insomnia, cruising you into a slumber worthy of the Gods. While grogginess in the morning is

customary with most sleeping aids, MK helps you wake up fresh and ready to face the day.

You might think in exchange for a great body-numbing stone this strain would lack mental effects, but guess again. The beauty of Master Kush is the light cerebral effects. They rid anxiety and depressive states without the typical racing thoughts. People may


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