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Purple Kush is a pure 100% indica strain with a subtle, earthy aroma and an earthy/grape/berry flavor. Purple Kush has a THC content between 20 and 27% and offers long-lasting effects that include relaxation and happiness.

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Purple Kush is a pure 100% indica strain and is a cross between two South-Central Asian indicas; Hindu Kush and an Afghani strain that is purple-tinged in color. With a THC content of 20-27% THC, Purple Kush offers a subtle and earthy aroma with sweet overtones which is typical of many Kush varieties. Featuring long-lasting effects that include relaxation, happiness, sleepiness, hunger and more, this strain is not only earthy, grape and berry in flavor but also a calm, physical relaxation rather than more cerebral effects. Visually striking and bold in scent and flavor, this strain offers medical benefits to treat pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. A compact plant at less than 40” in height, Purple Kush is moderately difficult to grow and takes 8 weeks to flower.

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