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Product Name : Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Strenght : [ 100drops , 100ml ,125ugs ]
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Type : Liquid Acid / Vial
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Skywalker OG (Indica) Hybrid Cannabis Strains

A propelled name in the realm of cannabis strains, Skywalker is an Indica predominant mixture which mixes the unwinding of Blueberry. Determined Skywalker properties, to the solid smell of OG Kush. Regularly refered to as one of the most intense of all the OG Kush strains, it has a reliably high THC level of 20%. By the by, it is an incredible case of when the developing places of Amsterdam and the US combine..achem..forces. Buy skywalker OG online

With regularly firmly stuffed, medium measured buds Skywalker OG certainly looks like it. Orange hairs and a scope of energetic purples and crisp looking green leaves spread these buds making it simple to see the allure even just on a visual level. Sharp, gritty and sweet this ordinary Indica additionally incorporates fragrances. Which veer towards the zesty side while as yet figuring out how to keep up components of citrus and syrupiness.

This is highlighted when pounding this strain as skunky driven diesel smells discharge from each nug. Some have even asserted espresso and licorice follows. Skywalker OG conveys a solid and full body buzz with mellow deadness. A solid feeling of unwinding is felt with this strain which is the most widely recognized purpose behind smokers to re-visitation of this mix.

● Uses for Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is incredible for relief from discomfort and any physical impediments. Furthermore most clients appreciate the 2 hours of solace that this strain gives. Thus this is likewise a decent decision for a sleeping disorder victims because of the Indicas calming and rest actuating highlights.

● Cultivating

This plant can be developed inside and outside and has a blossoming time of 9-10 weeks. Tragically its yield is low to direct which makes it ideal for halfway and lower level producers.


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